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Image: Nudibranch sex by William Tan Photo

Image: Nudibranch sex by William Tan

William Tab has shot this amazing and beautiful super macro image of, well, nudibranch sex! It shows the mating genitalia of two Nembrotha rutilans nudibranchs and was taken recently at Angel’s Window, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.

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Image: UK blue sharks Photo

Image: UK blue sharks

Wetpixel Associate editor Alex Mustard has published a gallery of images of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) on his Facebook page. Perhaps surprising, the images were all taken off the UK’s southern coast.

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Image: Sardine Run 2013 Photo

Image: Sardine Run 2013

South African Graham Fenwick captured this amazing image during the 2013 sardine run. Despite there not having been much of a “run” this year, Graham’s image eloquently shows that when baitballs occurred, there was plenty of action!

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