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Mangrove announces the MVHS-X70 Photo

Mangrove announces the MVHS-X70

Aditech has announced their housing for the Sony PXW-X70 and the HDR-CX900 camcorder. It has LANC control for 25 camera functions via 12 electromagnetic external push-buttons. Framing is via a 3.5” TFT LCD screen or an optional AUO 3.5” 16:9 ultra-high resolution monitor.

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Mangrove releases a 6750 lumen video light Photo

Mangrove releases a 6750 lumen video light

Mangrove has announced a new video light offering an output of 6750 lumen. The VC-4L6X has an 100° beam with a color temperature of 5000°K. It light has two output levels and gives a burn time of 65 minutes at 100% power.

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