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Camera housing for shooting 360 degrees underwater Photo

Camera housing for shooting 360 degrees underwater

A new underwater housing gives underwater photographers the ability to shoot 360 degree video underwater by housing six GoPro cameras at once. The 360Abyss can shoot video up to 7.5K resolution and is rated to a maximum depth of 1,000 meters. The housing MSRP is $5,395 (not including the six GoPro cameras).

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Nikon releases ViewNX-i software Photo

Nikon releases ViewNX-i software

Nikon has released their ViewNX-i image browser. The software, for Nikon cameras, can be used to import and then browse images, it defaults to work with Nikon’s Capture NX-D for editing, but also allows the use of third-party editors to be added. Included in the app is theViewNX Movie Editor for processing and editing video footage.

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Diving destinations change visa requirements Photo

Diving destinations change visa requirements

The Indonesian government has announced that they plan to remove the need for visitors from 30 countries to purchase visas upon arrival. By contrast, the Egyptian government has announced that individual visitors will be required to apply for visas from embassies and consulates prior to travel

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Cyclone Pam devastates Vanuatu Photo

Cyclone Pam devastates Vanuatu

Tropical cyclone Pam has made landfall on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu and is causing significant damage, with the BBC reporting that dozens have died in the storm. Obviously, many members of the Wetpixel community are affected by this, and many more have visited and dived on the islands. For those directly affected by this, we hope that you are safe and that the damage to your property and businesses is limited. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. For those of us watching the events unfold at a distance, if you can contribute to the relief effort in any way, please do so.

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GoAskErin tutorials: The Master List Photo

GoAskErin tutorials: The Master List

Underwater photographer and post processing guru, Erin Quigley has posted a page on her blog giving the links to all her current GoAskErin Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. These include “classics” like her backscatter removal and puppet warp tutorials as well how to use Lightrooms radial and graduated filter tools to “reposition” your strobes and using the adjustment brush to paint in exposure, clarity and contrast.

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First images of new volcanic island formed off Tonga Photo

First images of new volcanic island formed off Tonga

In December of 2014 the Hunga Tonga volcano erupted off the coast of Tonga. It formed a new island approximately one mile long and twenty-eight miles northwest of Tonga’s capital. This past week some adventurous locals visited the new island and captured some images, against the warnings of experts.

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