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Behind the Shot: Seek by Nina Baxa Photo

Behind the Shot: Seek by Nina Baxa

Nina Baxa has shared a stunning shot of a Spotted Eagle Ray on Wetpixel’s Facebook page. The image was very popular on Facebook. Here she shares how she got the shot.

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Wetpixel/Scubacam ADEX Party 2014 Photo

Wetpixel/Scubacam ADEX Party 2014

The annual ADEX show is being held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore from 11 to 13 April. Wetpixel plans to be there reporting “live” from the show, and it is also the time for the Wetpixel/Scubacam Underwater Imaging party. Like its sibling at DEMA, the Wetpixel/Scubacam party is the place to meet and hang out with fellow underwater camera enthusiasts. This year, our party moves up 20 floors to ME@OUE, which overlooks the wonderful Marina Bay.

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DeepPro releases GoPro housing Photo

DeepPro releases GoPro housing

DeepPro has launched a new housing for GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ cameras. The GPH3 aluminum housing features a dome port that increases the GoPro’s in water field of view underwater to that of it at the surface and does not vignette even in Superwide mode. It also reduces the minimum focus distance to 6” and has bulkhead allowing for the use of an external monitor or recorder.

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Divemaster game released Photo

Divemaster game released

Wetpixel member Gyula Somogyi (Jules (Helioxfilm)) has released a new iOS and Android scuba diving game. It revolves around the work that a Divemaster has to do to look after a group of 8 divers who wish to take pictures of specific animals on the reef. Successfully guiding the divers results in tips, whilst if they are not looked after, the divers may get into difficulties.

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Call for entries: TEKDiveUSA 2014 Photo

Call for entries: TEKDiveUSA 2014

TEKDiveUSA’s underwater photography contest is open for entries. Hosted on Facebook and with the results being decided by public vote, the contest is seeking entries featuring technical diving images in three categories: Cave, Wreck and Reef.

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Call for entries: Big Picture 2014 Photo

Call for entries: Big Picture 2014

The California Academy of Sciences is calling for entries to its Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition. This is offering a $5,000 cash as well as equipment prizes. Categories include Marine Mammals, Fish and Amphibians as well as Waterscapes.

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