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Project Seahorse seeks reports of seahorse sighting Photo

Project Seahorse seeks reports of seahorse sighting

In 2013, Project Seahorse launched its iSeahorse campaign which encouraged individuals to report seahorse sightings either on the Project Seahorse website or via their App. In addition, the Project has recently partnered with chocolatier Guylian, to launch a seahorse image contest. Simply send up to 5 seahorse images via email by 11 November.

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DeepPro announces housing compatibility Photo

DeepPro announces housing compatibility

DeepPro Systems has announced that their currently available Domed housing for GoPro will also support the new HERO4 camera. The housing is optically corrected for underwater use and has a depth rating of 140 meters (450 feet).

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Adobe updates the Creative Cloud Photo

Adobe updates the Creative Cloud

Adobe has announced a slew of updates prior to its Keynote address at the Adobe Max Conference later today. Mobile apps feature, with updates to Lightroom Mobile, and a new mobile video editing app, Premiere Clip. Photoshop has been updated with integration into the Creative Cloud Libraries that can create and sync colors, brushes and text styles across all Creative Cloud applications.

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Tony Wu identifies whale “super mum” Photo

Tony Wu identifies whale “super mum”

Underwater photographer and environmental researcher Tony Wu has been cataloguing the humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) that visit the waters around Kingdom of Tonga each year to breed. In the course of this he has found that the individual female featured in Darren Rice’s video has now had 7 separate calves over a 15 year period and he has dubbed her “super mommy”.

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Study into shark social behaviour Photo

Study into shark social behaviour

A new study published in the Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology journal suggests that shark social behavior is determined by an individual’s predisposition to be social or not. This underlines the idea that individual sharks have differing behavioural characters, or to put it more bluntly, have personalities. Whilst this will come as no surprise to those that have experienced them in the wild, it does help to overcome the preconception that sharks are not sentient.

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Aquatica previews the AD810 housing for Nikon D810 Photo

Aquatica previews the AD810 housing for Nikon D810

Aquatica has announced that it is working on a housing for the Nikon D810 SLR. Amongst the features planned are access to Fn and Pre buttons, thumb activated ISO lever, and an internal flash enable/disable. It will also have multiple bulkheads. AE/AF and AF ON buttons are locked by a collar.

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