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Video: Joel Grimes on pricing Photo

Video: Joel Grimes on pricing

Pro advertising photographer Joel Grimes has posted a video giving some hints about pricing images and assignments onto YouTube. Perhaps the most telling sentence is: “At the end of a job, if you have a smile on your face, you have done it right. If you had a smile on your face, you know…. I made a chunk on money on that, it was worth it…

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New 10 Bar accessories Photo

New 10 Bar accessories

10 Bar has announced two new products. Firstly, the Universal Grip is a clamp that can be sued to attach GoPros or other accessories onto any bar with a diameter of 0.4cm (5/32”) to 6cm (2.5”). Secondly, the company has released a laser target pointer for use with snoots. It has an auto quench function that will cut the laser when it senses a flash being triggered.

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Subal releases housing for D750 Photo

Subal releases housing for D750

Subal has released details and images of their housing for the Nikon D750 camera. Featuring access to most camera controls and a built-in leak detector, the housing is supplied with fiber optic ports for strobe triggering, and can be fitted with optional Nikonos, Ikelite or S6 connectors if required. It is fitted with Subal’s new port lock system as standard.

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Announcing the World Shootout 2015 Photo

Announcing the World Shootout 2015

The World Shootout 2015 has announced that it will be accepting entries from 1 January 2015. The contest will accept underwater images taken anywhere in the world between 1 January and 1 November 2015 and offers over $70,000 worth of prizes. The winners will be announced at the BOOT Show, Dusseldorf in January 2016.

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RIP Valerie de la Valdene Photo

RIP Valerie de la Valdene

Underwater filmmaker Valerie de la Valdene died as a result of a gunshot in the three-story home she rented in Puerto Ayora on the Galapagos Islands on 5 July 2014. Valerie shot 70 segments for the television show The Aquanauts in the 90s and was the focus of “Primal Scream” on Discovery Channel, which was heavily promoted to tie in with the film, “Open Water”. Our thoughts go out to her family and friends.

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Ikelite announces 67mm lens holder Photo

Ikelite announces 67mm lens holder

Ikelite has announced their new 67mm lens holder. This can be attached to their Ball Arm Extension Mark II and provides a convenient place to “park” 67mm threaded wet lenses when they are not in use. They can be attached singly or “back to back” so that two lenses can be attached simultaneously.

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