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Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2014 Photo

Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2014

We are building a list of people who may be interested in an expedition to Isla Mujeres for the whale shark aggregation in 2014. Dates and prices for the trip are still to be confirmed, however by adding you name to the list we will ensure that as these details become firmer you will be kept in the loop. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact us via the Wetpixel contact page.

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Contour closes its doors Photo

Contour closes its doors

Action cam manufacturer Contour has closed its doors and ceased production. The reasons cited for the failure are the prominence of GoPro in the market and the company’s Seattle base making it difficult to access funding.

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10 Bar announces housing for Olympus OMD-EM5 Photo

10 Bar announces housing for Olympus OMD-EM5

10 Bar has released details of their housing for the Olympus OMD EM-5 mirrorless camera. It has an aluminum front section, with a clear acrylic back featuring a double o ring seal. Strobe triggering is available via fiber optic bulkheads and 10 Bar has port support for the 12-50mm, 60mm, 14/20mm and 8mm lenses.

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Video: Crab vs. methane vent Photo

Video: Crab vs. methane vent

An ROV surveying methane vents at 4,130 ft as a part of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute project around Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, captured some amazing footage of a deep-sea crab “hunting” a vent.

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Nikon: Mirrorless camera sales disappointing Photo

Nikon: Mirrorless camera sales disappointing

The New York Times has reported that Nikon has cut its planned full year profit forecast. Executives have blamed the demise of the compact camera market, which has been usurped by the cameras on smartphones, and a lack of growth in mirrorless camera sales in the U.S.A. and Europe.

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Call for entries: Ocean Art 2013 Photo

Call for entries: Ocean Art 2013

The Ocean Art Photography Competition 2013 is now calling for entries. The competition has 12 categories, including a novice dSLR category and 3 compact camera categories as well as super macro, cold/temperate water, nudibranchs, and divers/fashion. Other more traditional categories include wide-angle, macro, marine life portraits, and marine life behavior.

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Florida policeman stops traffic to save turtle hatchlings Photo

Florida policeman stops traffic to save turtle hatchlings

Sarasota policeman Derek Conley was on patrol at 1 a.m. last Saturday when he found turtle hatchlings in a hotel parking lot. He and passers-by gathered them into a box and then released them into the water. The officer was forced to stop traffic several times in order to do so and he estimates that some 90-100 turtles were saved. (Image by Sarasota police)

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Nauticam releases the NA-V2 housing Photo

Nauticam releases the NA-V2 housing

Nauticam has announced the release of their housing for the Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera. The housing features access to both the camera’s control dials, and a switch that allows the user to switch between LCD screen and EVF viewfinder. The camera’s built-in pop up flash can control TTL strobe output via fiber optic ports.

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Image: Manta breach Photo

Image: Manta breach

Wetpixel moderator Shawn Heinrichs captured an amazing image of a breaching manta at Isla Mujeres, Mexico last week. He says: “Pretty intense when you witness it right in front of your face! I managed to grab a couple of frames with my Canon 1DX as it flew past.

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