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Google+ improves its RAW conversion Photo

Google+ improves its RAW conversion

Google+ has improved its RAW to JPEG conversion process. For about a year, it has been possible to upload image files, including RAW files, onto the Google+ servers to act as a backup. In order to view these files, they must be converted to JPEG. Google’s acquisition of Nik Photography has allowed them to fine-tune the conversion process with, what the company states, are improved results.

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Nauticam introduces the NA-70D housing Photo

Nauticam introduces the NA-70D housing

Nauticam’s housing for the Canon EOS 70D will be shipping from 1 October. It features a new vacuum seal check and leak detection system as standard as well as many of the features that were introduced with the NA-6D, although the ISO control has now been moved onto a paddle lever on the side of the housing.

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Underwater footage on Secret Life of Predators Photo

Underwater footage on Secret Life of Predators

For our U.S.A. based members: On 27 September at 10pm Easter Time, National Geographic channel will air an episode of its Secret Life of Predators series featuring some amazing underwater sequences. Entitled “Wet” it includes footage of hairy frogfish and mantis shrimp predation.

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Results: SoCal Shootout Photo

Results: SoCal Shootout

The full results of the SoCal Shootout held over 13-15 September have been announced. Best of Show first prize in the Animal Behavior category was awarded to 18-year-old Nirupam Nigam with his image of a sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi) “admiring” its reflection in his dome port. Congratulations to all the winners and, as ever, it is great to see so many Wetpixel members among the placings.

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