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Macphun updates Tonality app Photo

Macphun updates Tonality app

Macphun has released a significant update to their Tonality mono conversion app. This version offers 7 new presets as well as support for Lightroom CC and new RAW formats. In addition, it offer Lumnosity Mask controls to enhance contrast and colors

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New species of deep sea octopus Photo

New species of deep sea octopus

Stephanie Bush of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) has been slated with the task of describing and naming a new species of deep water octopus. The previously unknown species is a member of the Opisthoteuthis genus, which may be familiar as the Dumbo octopus is a member as well as the Flapjack octopus, upon which the Finding Nemo character Pearl is based.

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Adobe updates the Creative Cloud Photo

Adobe updates the Creative Cloud

Adobe has just released a major update to the Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud 2015 includes significant new features in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. The previously trailed Dehaze slider has been added to Lightroom along with localized white and black slider adjustments, while Photoshop gets performance improvements to healing brush and patch tools as well as to Content Aware Move and Extend functions.

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California Academy of Sciences discover 100 new species in Philippines Photo

California Academy of Sciences discover 100 new species in Philippines

Some 90 scientists and their assistants from the California Academy of Sciences just returned from an expedition to the Philippines where they collected animals for exhibits and discovered potentially 100 new species. The seven-week expedition was to the Verde Island Passage that lies between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro in the Philippines.

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Results: Durban Undersea Club Shootout Photo

Results: Durban Undersea Club Shootout

The Durban Undersea Club hosted its annual Still and Video Shootout this year, with the shooting period being between 1 December 2014 through to 3 May 2015. Geographically, the images had to be taken between Mozambique and the Cape. Geo Cloete took first place in the stills contest. Hearty congratulations to all the winers, and it is great to see so many of Wetpixel’s South African contingent to be amongst the placings!

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Paper tracks tiger shark migration patterns Photo

Paper tracks tiger shark migration patterns

The journal Scientific Reports has published a paper that documents tiger shark’s (Galeocerdo cuvier) movements over na extended period. Individual animals were shown to make annual, repeated journeys of over 7,500 km in the northwest Atlantic, from Caribbean coral reefs to “high latitude ocean areas” as far north as Connecticut.

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Palau sinks poacher’s vessels Photo

Palau sinks poacher’s vessels

Yahoo News reports that the Republic of Palau has burnt 4 boats that were being used by Vietnamese fisherman to illegally fish in Palau’s waters. They were among the 15 that have been impounded since last year and were loaded with sharks and shark fins, lobsters, sea cucumbers and reef fish.

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