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Pakpod launches on Kickstarter Photo

Pakpod launches on Kickstarter

A new adventure tripod called Pakpod has been launched on Kickstarter. It is light and compact and constructed of ABS and stainless steel and features legs that can be set in asymmetrical positions and has stakes that could be pushed into sandy or muddy substrates to anchor it.

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Adobe announces new and updated Creative Cloud apps Photo

Adobe announces new and updated Creative Cloud apps

Significant new and upgraded Creative cloud apps have been announced at Adobe’s MAX Conference today. New mobile apps include Photoshop Fix and Adobe capture CC, while Lightroom mobile gets updated capabilities. On the desktop, Lightroom gets local Dehaze adjustments and a new, simplified import dialog. Premiere Pro now offers comprehensive native UHD support with additional color and HDR workflows. Adobe has also announced Portfolio, which offers Creative Cloud subscribers the ability to create portfolio websites.

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Borneo from Below: Frogfish Photo

Borneo from Below: Frogfish

The latest Borneo from Below episode, Photographing a Freak of Nature, has been released on line. This week Bertie takes us to check out the Frogfish around Borneo.

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GoPro releases Hero + without the LCD and a lower price tag Photo

GoPro releases Hero + without the LCD and a lower price tag

GoPro has just released a version of their entry level GoPro Hero + without the LCD screen and a low MSRP of $199. The Hero + with LCD was released in June of this year. The new version still has the 60 fps at 1080p recording as well as Wi-Fi but with a price tag $100 less. The Hero + is $70 more than the Hero, which does not have either capability.

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Paper shows cooperation between rabbitfishes Photo

Paper shows cooperation between rabbitfishes

Nature has published a paper that illuminates the complex nature of relationships among fishes. A study carried out around Lizard Island, Greta Barrier Reef, Australia has shown that rabbitfishes (Siganus corallinus, S. doliatus, S. puellus, and S. vulpinus) operate as pairs, with one partner maintaining a look-out while the other feeds. behavior suggests that the fish have powers of cognition, reciprocity and cooperation that were previously not associated with fishes in general. (Image by BS Thurner Hof).

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Paper on combating bad science published Photo

Paper on combating bad science published

A new paper “Fish tales: Combating fake science in popular media” published in the journal Ocean and Coastal Management explores how scientists can correct the spread of misinformation and bad science that is sometimes propagated by the media. The use of social media tools by scientists during 2013/14 pointing out the poor science and factual errors in some of the programs of the 2013 Discovery Shark Week, actually helped caused a reduction in viewer numbers of the event in 2014.

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