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Exploring the idea of consciousness in octopus Photo

Exploring the idea of consciousness in octopus

Peter Godfrey-Smith has published a book titled, “The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness”. It explores one of the most curious creatures of the underwater world and the idea of their consciousness. Carl Safina, ocean conservationist, reviews the book for the New York Times and in doing so composes a wonderful story that is in and of itself worth reading.

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Subal announces housing for GoPro HERO 5 Photo

Subal announces housing for GoPro HERO 5

Subal has announced a new housing for the GoPro HERO 5. Constructed of aluminum, it numerous mounting options and a depth rating of 300m. It can be equipped with an adaptor that allows it to be used with Subal dome ports.

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GIMP seeks funding Photo

GIMP seeks funding

Open source image editing application GIMP is seeking funding from its user community. Up until now, Øyvind Kolås, the main driver behind the forthcoming 2.10 update to the app has been living off his savings whilst doing the development work. Although the GIMP app will remain free, users are being encouraged to help support the work on the updates by contributing on Kolås’ Patreon page.

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MindShift Gear First Light camera rucksacks Photo

MindShift Gear First Light camera rucksacks

MindShift Gear has updated the information about their First Light series of camera backpacks. These three models have the advantage of being carry-on compatible, and also have proper rucksack frames and carrying systems. This should help ease the strain of humping heavy bags around airports.

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CrumplePop announces EasyTracker Photo

CrumplePop announces EasyTracker

Crumplepop has released a plugin called EasyTracker for Final Cut Pro X. It allows the insertion of text or graphics that will follow an object’s motion within the frame into a video sequence.

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