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Free diving in Raja Ampat Photo

Free diving in Raja Ampat

Due to medical circumstances, Wetpixel member Fred Bavendam has had to leave the Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat early. He has kindly offered his remaining time at the resort to any member of the Wetpixel community that is able to take advantage of it for free. You will need to get yourself to Sorong and the stay is from now through to 9 December. For more details, please see Fred’s post in the Wetpixel forum.

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2015 Raja Ampat contest open for entries Photo

2015 Raja Ampat contest open for entries

The 2015 Raja Ampat UW Photo Contest is calling for entries. It is soliciting images that feature a wide-angle underwater scene, animals, and/or corals and must be taken in Raja Ampat region only. The deadline for entries is 15 January 2016.

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Raja Ampat Regency changes fees Photo

Raja Ampat Regency changes fees

The Government of the Raja Ampat Regency has changed both the fee for entry into the area and the way that the resulting monies are distributed. The fee is now valid for 12 months (previously a calendar year) and has doubled to IDR500.000 ($38) for domestic users and IDR1000.000 (around $76) for international visitors.

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Raja Ampat shark sanctuary becomes law Photo

Raja Ampat shark sanctuary becomes law

Shark Savers has announced that the decree that created the Raja Ampat Shark and Ray Sanctuary has been written into provincial law by the Raja Ampat parliament. The sanctuary was originally created in September 2010 by use of a local Bupati decree, after the council was presented with an 8,500 strong petition. Since then, Shark Savers, Conservation International, the Nature Conservancy, WildAid, CORAL, Papua Diving and Misool Eco Resort have campaigned to get it enshrined in a more permanent and enforceable law. The resulting legal framework is the first of its kind in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle.

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