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Shark Week 2015 Photo

Shark Week 2015

NPR talks about Shark Week 2015. In the article, the author notes that some of the programs in the past have been more fiction than fact, with plenty of bad science and exaggerated sensationalism. For 2015 though, Discovery has promised to be more fact and science based. David Shiffman of Southern Fried Science gives it a cautious “thumbs-up” so far

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Shark Angels auction kicks off July 2 Photo

Shark Angels auction kicks off July 2

The Shark Angels annual shark week auction kicks off on July 2nd and lasts through July 16th. Items up for bid include dive trips, shark inspired jewelry and artwork, underwater cameras and sports tickets. All auction items benefit Shark Angels and their campaigns to conserve sharks.

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Scientific American’s antidote to Shark Week Photo

Scientific American’s antidote to Shark Week

In an article entitled “The Best Shark Biologists and Conservationists to Follow During Shark Week”, Scientific American has highlighted a series of shark scientists whose tweets provide the perfect science based alternative to the excesses of Discovery’s sensational Shark Week.

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5 things more deadly than sharks Photo

5 things more deadly than sharks

Amidst the hype and hyperbole in Discovery’s Shark Week, it is perhaps important to remind ourselves about the real statistics of shark attack. One World One Ocean has compiled a short film listing various household items that are statistically more dangerous than sharks.

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