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Silence of the Sharks campaign launches Photo

Silence of the Sharks campaign launches

David Pilosof, organizer of the Eilat and World Shootout as well as large scale underwater broadcasts is organizing a series of mass protest dives to highlight the plight of sharks worldwide. Joining forces with other shark conservation organizations the Silence of the Sharks campaign kicks off on 13 November in Eilat, Israel, followed by a series of dive around the globe with a climax in October 2016.

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Video: Shark Dancer Photo

Video: Shark Dancer

Renowned shark handler Cristina Zenato is featured in a new video by Juriaan Booij and Eddy Raphael for Huawei Mate S. The video focuses on her life passion of sharks and communicating with them through the power of touch.

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Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expeditions 2016 Photo

Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expeditions 2016

Wetpixel is running a series of trips with Epic Diving in 2016. We will be diving with the hammerheads and dolphins of Bimini from 4 to 9 March and then the tiger sharks of Tiger Beach from 9-14 March. These trips represent the best opportunity available to capture stunning video and still images of these amazing animals.

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Study into shark social behaviour Photo

Study into shark social behaviour

A new study published in the Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology journal suggests that shark social behavior is determined by an individual’s predisposition to be social or not. This underlines the idea that individual sharks have differing behavioural characters, or to put it more bluntly, have personalities. Whilst this will come as no surprise to those that have experienced them in the wild, it does help to overcome the preconception that sharks are not sentient.

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Guy Harvey tags shortfin mako sharks Photo

Guy Harvey tags shortfin mako sharks

Environmental artist Guy Harvey has led an expedition to Isla Mujeres, Mexico with the aim of adding SPOT satellite positioning tags to shortfin mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus). The trip, which visited the area in March and was plagued by bad weather, tagged three sharks, which are the first to be tracked in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Video: Shark Dream by Andy Casagrande Photo

Video: Shark Dream by Andy Casagrande

Andy Casagrande has posted an underwater video shot on a RED EPIC at 5K resolution. Entitled “Shark Dream”, it features a series of slow motion shots, all featuring sharks. The aim is to portray this as a “shark dream … not a nightmare” and it was “created to inspire people to care about sharks”. The filmmaker suggests that people should go to Shark Angels to find out more about the plight of these animals.

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