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Nikon D810 testing on Wetpixel Photo

Nikon D810 testing on Wetpixel

The Nikon D810 started shipping last week, and we are proud to report that we should have one with us during the Wetpixel Whale Sharks expedition, which begins on 26 July. the plentiful whale sharks at Isla Mujeres will also provide excellent subjects for testing the cameras underwater performance. We will be posting updates from the trip in the forum so please check back often.

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Testing RED cameras in Grand Cayman Photo

Testing RED cameras in Grand Cayman

Sean Ruggeri of RED has posted a behind the scenes video showing what the company is up to in terms of using the cameras underwater. The team were shooting test charts underwater using the following cameras: DRAGON old OLPF, DRAGON new OLPF and EPIC MX, together with some experimental filtration.

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