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Quick Tutorial: Adding Keywords with Less Hassle Photo

Quick Tutorial: Adding Keywords with Less Hassle

This week’s Lightroom Coffee Break is entitled “Adding Keywords with Less Hassle” and offers a simple technique that saves a lot of time when keyboarding images in the program. Simply, once you have entered a keyword into the window, pressing the Command (Control) key acts as a modifier that then moves the selection directly on to the next image.

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Tutorial: Updating camera and computer settings for 2017 Photo

Tutorial: Updating camera and computer settings for 2017

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon provides a tutorial covering the basics necessary to ensure that camera and computer settings are updated for 2017. Included are camera metadata, Lightroom import and export templates and adding dated folders to keep the image library in logical order.

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Tutorial: Autofocus issues Photo

Tutorial: Autofocus issues

Steve Perry of Backcountry Gallery has posted a tutorial on troubleshooting problems with autofocus. The 14 minute video covers issues with lens calibration, dirty AF sensors, wrong AF modes, AF guide inaccuracy, heat refraction, using the wrong AF point, dirty lens contacts, and poor technique.

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GoAskErin on white balance Photo

GoAskErin on white balance

Backscatter Photo and Video have been publishing Lightroom guru Erin Quigley’s tutorials on their site. One of the recent posts features a tutorial dealing with correcting the white balance in an otherwise lovely image of a manta overhead. In the tutorial, Erin also shows a few other tools:

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