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Video: Ocean Gravity by Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier Photo

Video: Ocean Gravity by Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier

Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier have released a new freediving short film. Entitled “Ocean Gravity” it explores the weightlessness of being underwater: “Just like in the space, there isn’t anymore a top or a bottom. There isn’t anymore upside down and wrong side out. The ocean becomes cosmos, the man a satellite, and the bottom of the sea an unknown planet. Welcome in the fascinating universe of Ocean Gravity.”

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Skol releases advert filmed underwater Photo

Skol releases advert filmed underwater

The lager brand Skol has released a new advert filmed entirely underwater. It was shot by Brazilian cinematographer Lucas Gaspar Pupo and features a nightclub scene. The dancers were supplied with oxygen (sic) by divers out of shot. It was filmed on a RED Epic housed in a Gates Deep Epic housing.

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Video: Wreckage-An Enemy is Born Photo

Video: Wreckage-An Enemy is Born

Water Born TV has posted episode one of its new series exploring “some of the world’s most unique underwater environments” onto YouTube. The first part is called Wreckage: An Enemy is Born, and involves a freediving chase and fight sequence around a wreck in the Bahamas.

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Video: Parrotfish life cycle Photo

Video: Parrotfish life cycle

short animated video made by the University of Queensland explaining the life cycle of the rainbow parrot fish (Scarus guacamaia) has been posted on YouTube by Catlin Seaview Survey. For those of us wondering what is the difference between initial and terminal phase or what polychromatism is, this is an excellent tutorial!

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