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Video: Parrotfish life cycle Photo

Video: Parrotfish life cycle

short animated video made by the University of Queensland explaining the life cycle of the rainbow parrot fish (Scarus guacamaia) has been posted on YouTube by Catlin Seaview Survey. For those of us wondering what is the difference between initial and terminal phase or what polychromatism is, this is an excellent tutorial!

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Video: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week by Cristian Dimitrius Photo

Video: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week by Cristian Dimitrius

The Bahamas Underwater Photo Week was held in May this year, with Alert Diver with the Bahamas Diving Association inviting 4 pro shooters to document a week underwater in the islands. Wetpixel reported “live” from the event, with Abi Mullens and Adam Hanlon embedded into the photography teams. At the same time, Emmy Award winning filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius undertook a” DCI inducing” tour of all the photo teams at work at their respective islands.

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Video: Tonga whales above and below by Simon Buxton Photo

Video: Tonga whales above and below by Simon Buxton

Simon Buxton of UWUHD and NAD Lembeh has posted a short film combining underwater 4K footage shot with a RED Epic, some clips from Panasonic GH4 with aerials shot with a DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3+. The footage was all shot in Tonga and features the humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) which migrate each year from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to the warm, sheltered waters of Vava’u to mate and calf.

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Video: The Great Blue by Howard Hall Photo

Video: The Great Blue by Howard Hall

Howard Hall is in the process of rejuvenating his older films by replacing the old SD film stock with footage captured by digital cinema cameras at 4 and 5K resolution. The film shown here is an excerpt from Howard’s Seasons of the Sea, originally made in 1990.

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Video: Endless Blue by Joe Romeiro Photo

Video: Endless Blue by Joe Romeiro

Joe Romeiro of 333 Productions has posted some stunning footage of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) filmed in Rhode Island. He has now done several night shoots with the blues, the sharks are very interested by the lights and the camera electronics so it is not something he would recommend!

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Video: Mucky Secrets by Nick Hope Photo

Video: Mucky Secrets by Nick Hope

Wetpixel member Nick Hope of Bubblevision has posted his amazing 90 minute film about the macro life of Lembeh Straits. Previously released as episodes, Nick explores the amazing range of weird and wonderful creatures that make the Lembeh Strait a hot spot for marine biodiversity and a unique muck diving destination.

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Video: RED Dragon underwater Photo

Video: RED Dragon underwater

Filmmaker Ron Lagerlof has been testing the RED Dragon for underwater use. In synopsis, he finds that the new sensor is an “order of magnitude” over the MX sensor in terms of sharpness, clarity, color rendition and dynamic range.

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