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Video: Cave diving in Sweden Photo

Video: Cave diving in Sweden

A new film, commissioned by retailer Klättermusen, documents a team’s exploration of the Dolinsjö Cave in Sweden. Called “Underground Movement: Cave Diving in Jämtland”, it documents the team exploring 1.7 km of new cave in what can at best be described as “challenging” conditions.

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Video: Flying mobulas Photo

Video: Flying mobulas

The recent BBC series, “Shark” features an amazing sequence of mobula rays (Mobula munkiana) jumping and breaching. Filmed in the Gulf of California, Mexico, the rays jump some 6ft (2m) into the air and then seem to land awkwardly, creating a big splash.

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Video: Sogod Bay in 4K Photo

Video: Sogod Bay in 4K

This weeks Earth Touch Wild Oceans episode is from Sogod Bay, southern Philippines. Filmed in 4K, cameraman Stewart Whitfield shows the beauty of this dive and the incredible quality of the reef. Look out for damselfish, masked porcupinefish, a magnificently camouflaged spiny devilfish and soft corals.

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Video: Chris Burkard at TED Photo

Video: Chris Burkard at TED

Extreme surfer and photographer Chris Burkard’s imagery is featured on 500ISO. He recently gave a talk at TED where he explains his “personal crusade against the mundane”. (Image by Chris Burkard)

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Video: Corals, clear waters and cruising fish Photo

Video: Corals, clear waters and cruising fish

Earth Touch’s Wild Oceans channel features footage from Andiamo in Indonesia shot by Wetpixel Moderator Mike Veitch. It features large schools of fish, from hundreds of yellow-spotted fusiliers (Caesio teres) to cruising batfish and a school of convict blennies (Pholidichthys leucotaenia) hovering close to the reef. Beautifully coloured soft corals, sponges and amazing sea fans decorate the sea floor.

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Video: Confluence - man and sharks by Monty Halls Photo

Video: Confluence - man and sharks by Monty Halls

UK television presenter and marine biologist, Monty Halls, presented a talk entitled “Confluence - the turbulent relationship of man and shark” at the TEDxVilnius event in late April. In it, he describes the changes that he has observed in the oceans over the two decades of his lifetime and the prospects for the marine environment if the current industrial scale eradication of sharks is continued. (Image by Simon Rogerson)

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