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Video: Dolphin Army by Simon Buxton Photo

Video: Dolphin Army by Simon Buxton

Wetpixel member Simon Buxton has posted some amazing footage of a huge pod of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) as it makes it’s way up the East African coast each year in the search of sardines. He invites us to “follow them for a short part of this journey to see what they find.”

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Video: The Edge by Steer Films Photo

Video: The Edge by Steer Films

Steer Films has published a short film entitled “The Edge” on Vimeo profiling Wetpixel members Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher. It describes their fascination with sharks and how they teamed up to form 333 Productions and produce films that help aid in the conservation of sharks and the marine environment.

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Video: Phi-Phi Marine Reserve in 4K Photo

Video: Phi-Phi Marine Reserve in 4K

Earth Touch’s Wild Oceans channel features 4K footage from the Phi-Phi National Marine Reserve, Andaman Sea, Thailand. The episode features scribbled filefish feeding on animals that are living within the tentacles of a large jellyfish, large schools of bigeye snappers and an interesting symbiotic relationship between a wrasse and a blackspotted pufferfish.

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Video: Cave diving in Sweden Photo

Video: Cave diving in Sweden

A new film, commissioned by retailer Klättermusen, documents a team’s exploration of the Dolinsjö Cave in Sweden. Called “Underground Movement: Cave Diving in Jämtland”, it documents the team exploring 1.7 km of new cave in what can at best be described as “challenging” conditions.

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Video: Flying mobulas Photo

Video: Flying mobulas

The recent BBC series, “Shark” features an amazing sequence of mobula rays (Mobula munkiana) jumping and breaching. Filmed in the Gulf of California, Mexico, the rays jump some 6ft (2m) into the air and then seem to land awkwardly, creating a big splash.

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