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Videux video workflow app available Photo

Videux video workflow app available

After extensive beta testing, Videux has released their final versions. The app is an “organizer, player, and workflow assistant for video that is highly optimized to get tens of thousands of videos organized and ready for editing.” It is available for Mac via direct download or from the Apple Store as a full or an LT version. It is compatible with most video formats and allows for sorting footage via numerous criteria.

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Call for Beta Testers: Videux app Photo

Call for Beta Testers: Videux app

Wetpixel’s friend Chris Parsons has reached out to the Wetpixel community to ask video shooters to test the beta version of his new app, Videux. It is a video organizer, player and workflow assistant and is currently being tested for Mac only. If you have a large video library and would like to give the Videux team feedback on the beta of their app, please reach out to them.

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