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Cathy Church’s new online video series for Vivid-Pix Photo

Cathy Church’s new online video series for Vivid-Pix

Cathy Church and Vivid-Pix have collaborated in an online series of how-to videos for using Vivid-Pix to edit underwater photos. The first in the series of Vivid-Pix Tutorial Videos illustrates how she improves her photo of a wobblegong shark. Cathy Church has been pioneering and teaching underwater photography for over 50 years and brings her experience to this series of videos.

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Review: Vivid-Pix Scuba Picture Fix Photo

Review: Vivid-Pix Scuba Picture Fix

A review of Vivid Pix Scuba Picture Fix app. This app is designed to simplify and streamline the process of editing images captured underwater. Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon puts it through its paces.

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Updated Vivid Pix Land & Sea apps available on iTunes Photo

Updated Vivid Pix Land & Sea apps available on iTunes

Vivid-Pix’s LAND & SEA picture fix app is now available for PC, Mac, iOS and for Android shortly. The software offers a quick and easy automatic correction of common issue with photographs on land and in shallow water. The LAND & SEA+ app adds “scuba depth improvement” for automatic correction of images taken while scuba diving.

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Vivid-Pic announces Restore Photo

Vivid-Pic announces Restore

Vivid-pix has released a Windows app that automatically enhances images from scanned slides or prints. It utilizes the same technology as that of their Vivid-Pix Scuba enhancement app.

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Wetpixel Community Discount: Vivid-Pix-Prints Photo

Wetpixel Community Discount: Vivid-Pix-Prints

Underwater print service, Vivid-Pix-Prints are offering Wetpixel community members a special promo code that gives a 10% discount on their next print order. Vivid-Pix offer a full range of services including image printing onto canvas, metal and acrylic. The company specializes in printing images captured underwater.

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