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DEMA 2014 coverage on Wetpixel Photo

DEMA 2014 coverage on Wetpixel

Wetpixel’s staff are currently winging their way towards Las Vegas for the 2014 DEMA show. For those who haven’t followed our coverage of the show before, our aim is to try to give people who can’t be there, a flavor of what it is like to attend. We will be posting “live” updates each evening over the next four days, each full of new products, trends and gossip about the underwater imaging industry. Of course, there will also be coverage of the infamous Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Imaging Party, so remember, what happens in Vegas….will be posted on Wetpixel!

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Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Imaging Party 2014 Photo

Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Imaging Party 2014

Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide are proud to announce their annual imaging party at the DEMA show 2014. We will be partying in the Westgate (DEMA host) hotel’s pool area on Thursday 20 November from 8.00 till late. Invitations are not required, but Matt, Joe and Adam will be around the Imaging Resource Center during the show, and will be handing out flyers. Come over, say hi and get directions if you need them!

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Wetpixel outage: Site seems to be getting back to normal Photo

Wetpixel outage: Site seems to be getting back to normal

Wetpixel would like to apologize to the community for the extended outage that we have been experiencing here on the site. Our hosting company has had some serious server issues, and despite our nagging, cajoling and even at one point (I am ashamed to say) threatening, they seemed very slow to manage to fix them. As a result, the site went down. We know how frustrating this is to you all (as it is to us too) and thank you all for bearing with us.

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Wetpixel Nikon D810 review Photo

Wetpixel Nikon D810 review

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a review of the underwater performance of the Nikon D810 SLR camera. The camera was released on 17 July, and Adam was fortunate enough to get hold of one to use on the Wetpixel Whale Sharks expedition later that month. The review is neither conclusive nor concluded, so please check back regularly for updates as he carries out further testing.

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Whale Sharks 2014: Trip report Photo

Whale Sharks 2014: Trip report

The annual Wetpixel Whale Shark Expedition starts today, with the participants gathering in Isla Mujeres and setting out for our first day on the water tomorrow. In order to keep everyone posted about this amazing event, we have started a thread in the forum, which we will be updating regularly throughout the next two weeks. Please check back for posts regularly.

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Nikon D810 testing on Wetpixel Photo

Nikon D810 testing on Wetpixel

The Nikon D810 started shipping last week, and we are proud to report that we should have one with us during the Wetpixel Whale Sharks expedition, which begins on 26 July. the plentiful whale sharks at Isla Mujeres will also provide excellent subjects for testing the cameras underwater performance. We will be posting updates from the trip in the forum so please check back often.

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Wetpixel Ultimate Tiger Sharks 2015 Photo

Wetpixel Ultimate Tiger Sharks 2015

After a hiatus of a few years, Wetpixel will be returning to photograph and dive with the amazing shark populations of the Bahamas from 4 to 10 January 2015. The trip is designed to maximise time and to get great images of the tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) of the famous Tiger Beach. Places are strictly limited, so please don’t delay getting in contact.

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Live coverage of Bahamas Underwater Photo Week Photo

Live coverage of Bahamas Underwater Photo Week

From 24 to 31 May, there is a very special underwater imaging event being held in the Bahamas. Alert Diver’s Bahamas Underwater Photo Week aims “to capture a week in the underwater life of the Bahamas” and features 4 professional underwater photographers and 1 filmmaker who will all will be capturing images in 10 separate location throughout the Islands.

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