The Naked Scientists present Naked Oceans podcasts

Article Summary:

The University of Cambridge’s “Naked Scientists” recently launched a new series of podcasts under the name “Naked Oceans”. These monthly, half-hour podcasts, funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation, investigate various topics of ocean science and conservation. They’re presented by Helen Scales and Sarah Castor-Perry, both members of the Naked Scientists team and alumni of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Zoology. They aim, with the help of expert guests, to make people aware of the importance of vital ocean environments and the threats these are under.

The podcasts are designed to be interactive, with the ability for users to submit questions via email, Facebook or Twitter. The third show, due for September release, will look at the science of tracking sharks. Guests include Mahmood Shivji from the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Research Center and the Guy Harvey Research Institute in Florida, who will talk about using genetic tools to track the shark fin trade. Future topics will include whaling, pollution in the oceans and overfishing.

The podcasts are available for free on iTunes as well as from the Naked Oceans website.