The Night Safari Lembeh, Feb 27 - Mar 6, 2010

Join Scubacam and underwater photographers Tony Wu and Eric Cheng at Kasawari Lembeh Resort from February 27 - March 6, 2010 for a special night safari at Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. During this time, Kasarawi will switch to a night schedule, allowing photographers to dive well into the night (and sleep late into the morning).


When the sun goes down, critters of the night take over the waters of the Lembeh Strait, and the party begins. Octopuses, bobbit worms, stargazers and much more come out to hunt, fight and reproduce. The action is non-stop, and photographic opportunities abound.

Visitors to Lembeh usually only have a chance to catch part of the show, with perhaps a single night dive after a long day of diving, which means that few people have seen what happens late at night in the prolific waters of this popular dive destination.

If you’re a keen underwater photographer and the prospect of spending lots of quality time with the Strait’s night shift appeals to you, consider joining the first-ever Night Safari Lembeh from 27 February to 6 March at Kasawari Lembeh Resort.

During this period, the entire resort will convert to a night schedule, meaning trip participants will have the opportunity to dive well into the night (and sleep late into the morning!).

The trip is being jointly organized by Scubacam in Singapore and FiNS in Bangkok. Photographers Tony Wu and Eric Cheng will be at the resort as well. (NOTE: Eric will be at the resort from March 3-10, 2010)

For more information about the trip, see this trip description or contact David or Sanah at Scubacam.

Photographs by Tony Wu: