The Palau Pledge is unveiled - a new visa entry program

Today, December 7, the island nation of Palau has adopted a new entry visa program for all visitors called the Palau Pledge. All visitors are required to watch a four-minute film about treating the resources of Palau with care and respect. The passport entry stamp includes the pledge that all visitors will be required to sign: a promise to protect Palau for future generations. The pledge has been translated into five languages.

Every inbound visitor to Palau is now required to watch an inflight short film. It tells the story of a clumsy, careless giant - representative of mass tourism at its worst - who comes to Palau, wreaking environmental damage. The local children befriend him, teaching him to be eco-aware.

The film introduces passengers to the Palau Pledge, an innovative and bold new entry visa process designed to save Palau’s environment. Every visitor to this stunning yet fragile island-country will be required to sign a passport eco-pledge before they can enter: a promise to protect Palau for future generations. Learn more about this immigration policy precedent at palaupledge

Palau Pledge