ULCS Battery Tester Announced

Wetpixel sponsor Ultralight Control Systems has announced a new product that tests your batteries under a load as if they were in the strobe or camera:

Most of you have a volt meter (multi-meter) that you test your batteries with if you test your batteries. That meter tells you a voltage; but is that enough to run your strobe or camera?
You have batteries that you have charged and left sit for awhile and you need to know how much juice they have left.

You are charging overseas and aren't sure about whether the batteries charge to full capacity.

For some reason your camera or strobe stops working before you think it should, you test your batteries and the volt meter tells you some figure that doesn't make a lot of sense as to whether it should still be working in your camera or strobe. Maybe one of the 4 batteries is bad.

This tester will test your "AA" alkaline or NIMH batteries. Also it will test your lithium CR 123, Cr2, or CrV3 and alkaline 9volt batteries all under load.

This mini mulit-tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument. This tester computes the battery's remaining power capacity using a fully automatic, high accuracy pulse load test...

The load test begins when a battery is placed in contact with the tester's terminals. After the timed test cycle, percentage of remaining battery power capacity is indicated on the LED bar display. Batteries will not be harmed by repeated testing.

It is run on 4 "AAA" batteries.

It is small and a great tool for your tool box whether you are at home, on a live-aboard, or at a dive resort.

They are $29.50 and available from Ultralight Control Systems