Under the Bridge: A new book by Suzan Meldonian

Blue Heron Bridge in Florida is a much-loved macro site for underwater photographers. Under the Bridge is a new 250 page book by Suzan Meldonian celebrating the diversity of life that sometimes found at a single dive site.

The book is not only a fantastic record of the dive site, but also an indication of the treasures to be found by diving repeatedly at your local site. In fact, Alex Mustard was diving with Suzan at Blue Heron Bridge yesterday and despite having just written the book, she still found two first sightings of new creatures during the dive.

Press Release.

Under the Bridge, by Suzan Meldonian.

As one of the closest inlets to the Gulf Stream current, the Bridge provides a plethora of, well, you just never know what you may find there today! That is the beauty of the Bridge.

Come with us on an underwater photographic journey of the rare and unusual marine life found under the Blue Heron Bridge in Southern Florida. With over 500 images collected over the period of a few years, new author Suzan Meldonian and her dive buddies have exquisitely captured some of the most incredible marine creatures with many never-before-seen behaviors.

Under the Bridge is a 250 page photo-documentary introducing some of the unusual finds of this world-class muck dive. It includes fascinating behavior shots, creature features, fish with feet, even electrogenic fishes. It includes a chapter on things that sting and prehistoric beginnings. Well known as a local beach dive, thousands of visitors and tourists frequent the Lake Worth inlet every year to snorkel or learn to scuba dive… but do they really know what lies beneath?

Due to the heroic efforts of several folks, (including wetpixel), over 800 signatures succeeded in making the Blue Heron Bridge a protected No-Take Zone. You voted to make this happened. Thank you! See what you saved.

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