UnderWater Camera Stuff releases new products

Housing Sentry basic

Underwater Camera Stuff has announced a new version of their vacuum housing check system. The Housing Sentry Basic has manual pump that allows users to check the integrity of their housing’s seals prior to diving. In addition, the company has launched a version of the vacuum connector that can be screwed into a hole created by removing an unused control on an Ikelite housing. The Housing Sentry Basic is available now at a US retail price of $290.

Press Release:

UnderWater Camera Stuff Announces a New Version of the Housing Sentry and a new Installation Option.

Housing Sentry-Basic joins the Housing Sentry-Complete

CINCINNATI, Ohio (March, 2013) - UnderWater Camera Stuff announced the release of the Housing Sentry–Basic. The Housing Sentry system allows a vacuum to be drawn on an underwater housing which will allow the photographer/videographer to know, before entering the water, if they have any set-up problems with their o-rings. The vacuum also creates a stronger seal for o-rings and housing parts such as lens ports.

The Housing Sentry-Basic includes a stainless steel vacuum connector customized to the housing and type of installation, a block-off plug, an input fitting and an industrial standard, manual vacuum pump with integrated pressure gauge. The introductory price of this system is $290.

We have been selling these parts on an a la carte basis since the Housing Sentry-Complete was released in 2010 and have quite a number of happy customers throughout the world. The time is now right to bundle the parts into an official product and give it a name”, stated Bill Libecap, founder of UnderWater Camera Stuff.

In addition, a customized fitting has been developed so the Housing Sentry may now be installed in an unused control location of an ikelite housing. This new fitting allows the ikelite user to reap the benefits of a vacuum leak-prevention system without adding another opening to their housing.

Housing Sentry Ikelite connector

The fitting is stainless steel and replaces an unused control with no modification needed to the housing. When it is time to upgrade equipment, the fitting can be removed and the original control re-installed, easily bringing the housing back to its standard configuration.

Hence, there are now six customized vacuum connectors available for the Housing Sentry-Basic based on the type of installation desired. The options include: (1) an unused, half-inch, unthreaded bulkhead such as Aquatica or Sea&Sea; (2) an unused 14mm threaded bulkhead such as Nauticam, Subal or Seacam; (3) an unused control location in an ikelite housing; (4) a bulkhead with an unused Nikonos connector; (5) aluminum housing without an open bulkhead and (6) acrylic housing. Options 5 and 6 require an additional opening be added to the housing.

With the Basic system, a user will know if their housing seals are either good or compromised before starting their dive. UnderWater Camera Stuff also offers the Housing Sentry-Complete which includes electronics to continually monitor the vacuum level of the housing. The electronic circuit board can be added at a later date to upgrade the Housing Sentry-Basic to the Complete version.

For additional information or to purchase any version of the Housing Sentry, visit the company’s website, or send an email.