Underwater images from Nikon D4 posted in forum

Article Summary:

Wetpixel Associate Editor, Alex Mustard, has posted underwater images taken with Nikon’s new D4 SLR onto the forum. Alex is underway with completing a review of the D4’s underwater performance in the cold clear water of Iceland which, once completed, will be published here on the Wetpixel front page. In the meantime, he is posting a trip report, images and his thoughts about the new camera on the forum. He writes:

Nikon promote the D4 as pushing limits and certainly the dark, narrow canyon of Silfra, under heavy clouds, is a perfect test for high ISO shooting (especially because the clear water necessitates stopping down to have enough depth of field to keep everything in focus and get good corner sharpness). I wouldn’t review a more mainstream camera in such extreme conditions - but the D4 should be tested in conditions that push limits and the next 10 days will be testing those of the camera and me!