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A message from Cliff Etzel, Publisher of a new web site called UnderWater Digital Video: --- My name is Cliff Etzel and I am the Publisher for UnderWater Digital Video (UWDV.com) - A new portal website dedicated to the realm of creating Underwater Digital Video and the many aspects of what it entails.

We are hoping to provide information, techniques and more specifically catering to those people who have chosen to utilize shooting video underwater to be their creative story telling avenue.

Please visit the website at http://www.uwdv.com to see what we are going to bring our visitors.

The content is sparse right now, so please don't let that be an indication of what the site is - We are working o­n getting writers lined up to provide valuable informational content very soon.

Thanks and I look forward to interacting with each of you. Cliff Etzel - Publisher UnderWater Digital Video