UWP Magazine’s 25th Anniversary Issue

Issue 25 includes reviews of Ikelite’s new housing for the Nikon Coolpix 8400, Aquatica’s housing for the Canon 20D as well as technical articles on sunbursts (by me), condensation and an update on shooting panoramas. The regular news section has all the latest from the world of underwater photography (including the first pictures I have seen of the new PT housing for the Olympus E300). An article that caught my eye was the story behind Charles Hood’s recent Time Magazine cover. Here on Wetpixel we spend a lot of time weighing up one camera against another. Charles’ story is an interesting one - his cover shot was taken with the Nikon D100 and shot in JPG, before being substantially post processed in Photoshop - hardly an text book approach to optimum image quality. Yet his shot is on the cover of Time!

Finally, I would like to add that my new Magic Filter has scored its first cover shot with this issue, and Peter Rowlands also uses the filter in his panorama article!