Video: Dive with David Doubilet and Goliath Groupers

Dive with David Doubilet as he photographs 600-pound Atlantic Goliath Groupers off Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Boynton Beach, Florida. The fish leave the shallows after the first five years of their lives to spawn under ledges and in shipwrecks and other structures along the East and West coast of Florida from August to October.

The Goliath Grouper has been protected since 1990 and they are slowly bouncing back. However, fisherman have begun to lobby to re-open the fishery.

In the video, Doubilet dives with the enormous fish and explains what he loves about them. Including their resemblance to his Uncle Johnny from New Jersey:

“slow metabolism, sitting on a couch, looking at me, with two tart eyes, back and forth… back and forth.”

Watch the video here.