Video: Lake Baikal by Alex Benedik

Lake Baikal on Wetpixel

Alex Benedik of Globaldivemedia has produced a film documenting the life in Lake Baikal. The lake, situated in Siberia, Russia is “at 1642 meters the deepest and with more than 25 million years, the oldest, freshwater lake on Earth. 23% of the world’s fresh water is located in the 673 km long and up to 83 km wide lake. The lake is home to over a thousand endemic species. 90% of the biomass are Amphipods, which reach a size from a few millimeters to about ten centimeters. The water temperature in early June was 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.”

The film was shot at the beginning of June, with a Sony CX505VE, Fathom 90 port, L&M BluefinPro housing and Sola 2000 lights.