Video: Raja Mono - A Study in Contrast by Ron Lagerlof.

RED Monochrome on Wetpixel

Wetpixel member Ron Lagerlof posted this amazing short film shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia last month. It was filmed on the new RED Scarlet-W Monochrome. As far as we are aware, this is the first time that the dedicated black and white version of the camera has been used underwater.

Ron shot the entire trip on this camera, committing to black and white in an area lush with color. What would make one do such a thing?

Because it’s different - and, it shows off the structure of the reefs and marine life in a way that you don’t visualize when looking at a colorful reef and blue water. (Although we were challenged with not such great viz…)

Lighting was pretty easy - almost all natural as the sensor is much more light sensitive than a color bayer pattern sensor. I used a little key lighting with either a single Gates VL-24 or on deeper/darker dives the L&M Sola 8000 Pros.

Ron was using a RED Digital Cinema Scarlet-W Monochrome shooting in 5K with a 2:1 aspect ratio at 48 fps. Lens was a Zeiss 15mm T*. Camera was housed in a Gates Underwater Products housing.