Video: Wetpixel Channel Islands 2014 by Drew Kinsman

Wetpixel Channel Islands 2014 on Wetpixel

Drew Kinsman has posted this great video taken during the 2014 Wetpixel Channel Islands trip which ran from 24 to 28 October. Drew has this to say about the video and the trip:

I made this to show people how beautiful the Channel Islands are above & below. Truth Aquatics really does a great job of getting you there and keeping you both safe and comfortable while you are there. Almost more importantly they keep you well fed !! I returned from my afternoon dive to an eight foot long BBQ grill smoking away. Jason Bradley & Ethan Daniels are both very accomplished in their field and it was great to have them to talk to about Imaging between dives. As my first Wetpixel trip I was shocked and pleased to be surrounded with so many knowledgeable and enthusiastic photographers & oodles of equipment.

The underwater video was shot at 1080 50fps with a Panasonic GX7 in a Nauticam Housing with a Panasonic 8mm lens and two SOLA 2500 lights. The aerial footage was captured with a DJI Phantom 2 with A 3D gimble. The camera was a GoPro HERO3 Black at 2.7K @ 30fps. It was edited with the GoPro studio app.