Wetpixel DEMA reports 2013

Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide party on Wetpixel

Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Party slideshow

The now traditional Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide DEMA imaging party was a great success! Image makers from around the globe converged onto the poolside at the Rosen Center to meet new people, reacquaint with old friends and generally to swap yarns about diving,marine life and how to create the perfect image. This process was ably assisted by copious amounts of free drinks. The party went on until late, with some people only reaching their beds at 4 am!

Page 1: Introduction and booth visits with Aquatica, Backscatter, GoPro, Subal and Aditec Page 2: Booth visits with Seacam, Ikelite, Watershot and Ultralite Control Systems Page 3. Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide DEMA imaging party Page 4. Booth visits with Gates, Reefnet, Nauticam, Acquapazza, MOLI, iTorch, Keldan, Fisheye, Zen, Olympus Page 5. Booth visits with XIT404, Light and Motion, BS Kinetics, DivePhotoPro, Hugyfot, Sea & Sea, Inon