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D7000 going Ikelite

12 March 2012 - 12:47 AM

Greetings amphibians,

I made up my mind to housed my d7k in ikelite.
Therefore i have few questions before i buy one.
This is my first upgrade from olyXZ1, and also my first dslr,
so please forgive my newbie-ness.
Any input would be much appreciated.

1) I bought a 60mm D macro + TC for a 2nd hand price. I searched the forum and i found out that there are people who use it with a 105mm port. Just to be sure, can it be done or is there some modification that i need to do?

2)If yes, can i also use the MF modular port/focus extension and will the manual focusing work?

3) I already owned a INON d2000. With my xz1, i only used it with a fiber optic cable. If i'm going to use it with the ike, should i still go for fiber optic or other alternative?

4) Is it worth it if i sell the d2000 and just go for an ike strobe lets say ds161/ds160?

5) One of the local dive shop is selling the zen dome for tokina10-17 at a high price. Im also interested in the Bluewater Precison 5" dome. Should i buy the high priced zen dome locally or order the lesser-priced precision dome by mail? Not to pick on both brands, but is there a difference between the two?

6) For the same price, should i go with SOLA photo 1200 or fisheye fix 1500 (..or is it fix fisheye1500). I kinda like the wired remote control on the fix. So does 300 lumens make a difference?


S**t photographers say

01 February 2012 - 06:16 PM

hey guys

Thought i share this video,
and maybe we could make one called "s**t UW Photographer says"
or "s**t diver says".
Just for fun.
If u have a quote or heard others say it, please share..