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In Topic: Website Comments - New Gallery2

18 June 2007 - 03:46 PM

The culprit is the PG template. I also did the 2(.2) upgrade and had major issues with speed, all as a result of the PG template, I got it to work considerably faster by:

Guest users set to 100% performance increase and 4 day cache
Uninstall EVERY gallery module that you actually do not use
Dont use the PG icons
Unselect virtually everything you can in the PG template (this is the culprit - if you flick over to the carbon template you will see it working much much faster)

hope this helps


In Topic: Buying gear in Thailand

22 May 2007 - 03:07 PM

I just bought a Sigma lens recently (not the one in question) and it was actually cheaper in the UK (after the tax back at the airport) than in Thailand.

There is a decent shop at Fortune called CAPPA but I agree with Boi - chances of them carrying something a little "exotic" are probably low.

In Topic: Official Wetpixel ADEX Bangkok Meet Up

25 April 2007 - 03:59 PM

Drew, I have missed you again (!) - I am on todays 12.30 flight to the UK.

Have a great evening though


In Topic: just got back from Palau

14 April 2007 - 07:57 PM


Ouch! Bueatiful shot though so it was worth it! The barracuda is stunning.

Pop the lens into Niks next week for a check, strip and clean, its under extended warranty because it had to be rebuilt after I dropped it off the Khao Chamao hill.

See if you can get me a "rakha pisset" on the 1.4 teleconvertor for me while you are there.

In Topic: Wetpixel as Stock Photography Agency??

29 March 2007 - 02:15 AM

Giles and Paul make very good points - quality and work. I know the work involved in managing my own small collection of mediocre images is immense never mind what an agency that is proactively selling goes through.

Heres and idea if Eric wanted to consider something - for a fee allow users of wetpixel's galleries to have an additional html line "to buy this image click here" which could then be set to go to a members external site or agency page.

I dont use the galleries but it would mean no work for the wetpixel team (outside a little PHP addition), a well deserved income for wetpixel and exposure for sellers through wetpixel's immense traffic..