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Dry Suits - How to?

22 September 2014 - 07:37 PM

So, building on the other thread.

I've never been diving in a DS before - I got a brief talking to from the dive shop, they have said after my trip they will take me down to the pool and teach me to use the DS as part of the purchase but in 2 days, I will be diving in this.
It will be 10m/33ft MAX so not too much to go wrong.

How do you dive in a dry suit? I just know lift left arm to descend (Keep the valve half open).. if all the air goes to your feet (Thank God for Hollis batfins!) then rectify this.. etc.


Dry Suits

22 September 2014 - 07:25 PM



So, I'm completing a thesis at the northern tip of NZ's south island - some already has been in late summer/autumn where I was using a two piece 5mm suit with hood and that was getting a little chilly at the end there - like, sharp and piercing cold, haha.


Now, I'm going down tomorrow and the water temp is hovering between 12-13oC (55oF) for you imperial lot - the dry suit I just bought is necessary, correct? I'm a little worried given that I don't think the other hell diver/slightly stupid/macho diver will be wearing one - though, he tends to sprint underwater with a surface supplied source.


I suppose on a slightly different matter - my thesis supervisor said I can't buy a dry suit on my thesis but I can rent one - only the dive shops around here don't have my size to rent... the work and safety regulations here stipulate that 15oC is a guideline for dry suit diving and that I must be afforded adequate exposure protection to be comfortable in the given conditions and technically I'm actually employed as a research assistant during these trips as my thesis is a side issue on the bigger contract my supervisor has with this company.


I just dropped nearly $3000 on a hood, boots and a Whites Fusion Bullet - would you be pushing the issue with your supervisor or not?




The Derawan Islands

29 July 2014 - 01:38 PM



So as I have posted before - my girlfriend and I (And my new E-M1.. woo!!!!) are hitting Indo next year and we'll be going to Komodo and Alor for diving.

My girlfriend has suggested we go to the Derawans, too - jellyfish, etc.. Plus I think she is stoked she found a cool place, too :D


But it looks expensive...


What is the diving like, really? What are the places to stay like? I'm looking and they're starting to remind me of Mabul.......




E-M5 set up!

22 June 2014 - 05:36 PM

Hi you informative lot,


So, I finally upgraded from my very loyal and trustworthy G11 that travelled the world with me but was ultimately extremely frustrating underwater (And topside, too, I suppose!)


I have gone and bought the E-M5 with the 12-50mm lens and I'm about to order the 8 mil Panasonic and the 60mm Olympus lenses for it along with the Nauticam housing. I already have 2xS2000s with optics and the Inon D4 base with the arms and stuff - two Inon 165s and one wide angle lens from Inon that just didn't work.


So, basically - I have read a bit about the praises of the Nauticam 3.5" vs the 4.33" dome and as far as I can tell - the 3.5" allows for closer focusing (Which I gather would be an advantage with my not-so-powerful S2000s) but the 4.33" offers greater depth of field? Given that the 8mm can focus as close as 4" - is this really an issue? And what kind of depth of field differences are we talking about? I thought fisheyes were known for having HUGE depths of field?


Also, THIS port works not only with the 12-50mm but also with the 60mm macro, I understand? Are there large differences between that port and the specific macro port? Or really.. will I even use the 12-50mm underwater?


Lastly - what size arms do you all think I should get? http://www.seaoptics...arms/components


I was thinking 2x5" arms on each side?


Wait for all my frustrating questions regarding m43 in the future - changeable lens cameras, ports and gears are all new (Especially that virtual image with the domes!)



Adam :)

Raja Ampat in July/August

22 June 2014 - 03:16 PM

Is it really going to be that bad?


My girlfriend does get sea sick...