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useful review of underwater p&s digicams

17 November 2012 - 11:53 AM

After hopefully trying an oly tg-1, I found the pix above water are nice enough, but the pix underwater are far too often, underexposed, and really lacking contrast. Seems like they are still doing 18% grey card average metering, and calling it 'ESP'! There is no time, snorkeling, to adjust the exposure, to make up for brain dead 18th century metering. Great closing and sealing system though. Too bad. I sent it back.

The imaging resource review hints at this problem, though they only test in a pool.


These lenstip underwater reviews are great. They test and comment on all aspects, of underwater photos and video, at snorkel depth, and a deeper.


They haven't covered the tg-1 yet, but tg-820 had similar issues!

Based on this review, the canon d20 is operable down to 30 meters! And works great IQ and WB wise, at greater depths, but has issues of too much contrast, at snorkel depth.

And panasonic TS4, (FT4), only works to the rated depth +1m, but works better, IQ wise, at the snorkeling depths.

I have both on the way, and will report back. And send back, the looser.

male spotted boxfish territorial display

24 September 2012 - 02:13 PM

I saw a most remarkable behavior a few days ago, in kahalu'u - a wonderful snorkel beach, in kona. In not more than 5 feet deep of water, I saw 2 male spotted box fish. They were full grown males - 5 or 6 inches purple colored slow swimming boxes, not graceful nor fast! Almost never seen far from the bottom, or coral or rocks.. These 2 started on the bottom, about 6 feet apart, then they slowly angled their way up at about 45 degrees, keeping an eye on each other. They went all the way to the surface, where they locked jaws, and tussled for a brief second, and spun in a circle, then let go and practically flew through the air, out about 6 inches, then returned back down to their respective corners. Oh for a video camera!

Anyone ever seen this or photograph or video this?

Google does not show any descriptions of acting like this, though it does say the males are territorial, so only one can be kept in an aquarium.


olympus omd em5 10 bar housing? Other housings?

24 August 2012 - 11:02 AM

Any word from 10 bar, on their housing for this?

I'd really like a housing and port that supports 12-50 in manual zoom mode.

The nauticam only supports it in motorized zoom mode..