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In Topic: Amazon Basics, Eneloops, or Eneloops Pro for YS-D2

26 November 2018 - 07:09 AM

Hello everyone,


Does anyone have input in regards to the best batteries for a pair of YS-D2 strobes? I have heard good things about the Amazon Basics, Eneloops, or Eneloops Pro.


Thanks in advance,


Oscar Ramirez.

I am using IKEA's LADDA batteries, 6 euros 4 pack - same characteristics as eneloop, they are probably made by the same factory... So i would totally recommend them, but i guess amazon basics are the same - so whichever is easier to get.

In Topic: Going for UW equipment starting from zero. Advice appreciated.

19 November 2018 - 09:26 AM

I checked it out, what light and lenses do you use (wide and macro)? How much did that setup run you? --- last post explains the wet lenses, as for how much is difficult to say, I prefer not calculate it, too much for sure, but the most important thing beyond the housing are the flashes, and then you can slowly buy the other things like lenses, bayonet, etc.

Also is the Lx10 and Lx15 the same? , I've read that is just another name in some markets and Lx10 is not sold where I live only Lx15. ---lx15 is the european version of lx10

You wrote as well that you can't change from macro to wide uw, I thought that was the advantage with wet lenses? Is that a problem with the other cameras and housings as well? ---you can using bayonet, though the wide angle is really impaired this way, read all my posts there for details, basically the best working conditions i found for hte moment are only wide angle directly screwed to the housing, or with bayonet switching between macro and normal use. As for other cameras, on theory there are working versions, though i have my concerns, as when you add a macro on bayonet you have to really zoom to the end so the macro wet lens should work without problem. the issue is mainly with the wide angle, if you use a bayonet there will space between the camera lens and the wide angle lens, so vignetting appears and you have to zoom in, in that case you lose some of the wide angle quality. hence mounting the wide on the housing directly improves compared to a bayonet, and in my case i still have to zoom in order to remove vignetting from the angles, but it is just a little bit - as lx10 is 24mm and the wide angle lens is also made for 24mm, zooming to 28mm i have good working conditions

Also could I check out some of your pictures with your setup?  ---yes of course, there should be links in my profile - i have posted here the link for selection of the pictures and also a video, but some of the latest macro and wide angle are not there, send me a private message and i will try to share them, or better check my instagram - www.instagram.com/sbonev mostly all the latest pics are with the lx10, all the underwater especially, including the best of the macro and wide angle, though i had the wide only on 2 dives in total, same with the macro wet lens.

In Topic: Going for UW equipment starting from zero. Advice appreciated.

19 November 2018 - 08:52 AM

Check this topic on my take for the lx15 - for all parts from housing to flashes and wet lenses. :



In Topic: Computers for video editing

15 November 2018 - 01:54 PM

Wondering what kind of computer you all are running for video editing? Specific specs would be useful. Looking to upgrade to something that can handle more complex tasks. Thanks in advance!

I'm using an Asus ROG for all video and photos editing, no issues at all with any editor I've tried so far

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In Topic: Compact kit advice (leaning towards Panasonic LX10)

15 November 2018 - 01:11 PM

Awesome response. Thanks. Im going to look into those lights.
Which macro & wide lenses are you using?

For macro I went with inon ucl-67 m67 lens, which after you remove the base of the lens and put it on a nauticam bayonet fits perfectly on the housing and is literally on top of the port, so no vignetting or issues when totally zoomed. I haven't played with it a lot, only 2-3 drives... Though I recently bought a ucl-165m67 wet lens, which mounted on top of the other inon for even bigger magnification, I haven't tried it yet unfortunately, but it should be good...
The other option is to go with the cmc1 lens of nauticam, it does good job when mounted on bayonet, I didn't choose it because in the store recommended the inon and it also allowed more flexibility when focusing, while the nauticam really needed to close in on the subject...

For wide I bought a weefine wfl 01 lens, as I mentioned is impossible to get decent really by mounting it on a bayonet, only option is to screw on the housing directly, it is made specifically for 24mm lenses as they state, though due to the little space between the camera housing and the wet lens there is a slight vignetting when used on 24mm so probably it is advisable to zoom to 28 to get perfect images, I tested it only on a couple of dives but I think having in mind the bad conditions, visibility, swell and stuff, some good shots came out so it looks promising. You can mount it on bayonet, I have all set up but available great deal of the wide angle is lost and you'll end up coming up to 32mm and more in order to get shots without vignetting... Also have in mind it is also write heavy lens, almost 2-3 kg....

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