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Carry and using a lempeh stick?

09 July 2018 - 09:03 AM

I recently went on a week of dives using a lembeh stick, an 18-inch long aluminum stick, like what divemasters often use to bang on their tank and point at things.


My question is basically - how do you carry this thing in and out of the water?   I am diving with a Nauticam housing for a Nikon D810 with dual strobes.   So I have a lot of gear to deal with underwater already.


What I'm really wondering is how people handle these sticks when not using them, and specifically when entering the water.


I bought a stick, and I grabbed a wrist strap from some old gear.   I put the wrist strap on my wrist and enter the water holding the stick.  Once I am in the water, I swim back to the boat and someone hands me my camera rig.   I then spend the remainder of the dive holding the stick in my left hand, and occasionally using it to hold still for a macro, or point to something in an anemone.


I keep thinking there might be a way to clip the stick to my BC instead of having to hold it, at least when entering the water.


I also keep thinking of a dive trip last fall where another diver raved about the uses of the stick.  He had it stuck in his BCD somehow, and as soon as he got in the water, I saw the stick hurtle past me to the bottom as it wasn't attached to anything.   Fortunately, the bottom was only 25 feet, so he got his stick back.


I'm thinking of all sorts of possible storage places, including shoving it mostly up my sleeve, but it's really too long for that.   It's just one more thing I have to deal with underwater, and I want it clipped to me or wrist-strapped, but I want to minimize the hassle of it.

What is this?

20 October 2017 - 09:29 AM

Diving in Roatan, I've seen a number of these, but have no idea what they are.  Sponge?  Coral?  Something else?   I don't even know how to describe it in search terms for Google.


Problem mounting flash trigger in D810 Nauticam housing

05 September 2017 - 01:26 PM

Recently I bought a TTL flash trigger to install in my 1-year-old Nauticam NA-D810 housing.  (For Nikon D810).   Reason: eliminate need for pop-up flash to optically trigger strobes.  Problem to be solved: pop-up flash cannot recycle quickly enough for me, nor keep up with the potential shooting speed of the strobes.


OK - seems like a good plan.  Bought the trigger from Bluewater Photo, and recently tried to install it.


PROBLEM:  The installation instructions do not match my housing, and I cannot see how to install this trigger.   Specifically the instructions show the Nauticam's prism held in by a couple of screws, and I'm supposed to unscrew those, remove the prism, and then find a couple of other mounting hole (for the trigger) under the prism.


BUT, my housing has no screws holding on the prism!  I think the design has been changed by Nauticam, and it looks like the prism is glued on.


Can anyone confirm Nauticam glues prisms on, at least in some housings?   Anyone run into this on the NA-D810 housing specifically.


Bluewater isn't much help.   They punted and asked me to ask Nauticam about this - I think they tried to ask and didn't get an answer.


I'm about to return the trigger, rather than just take a leap of faith and possibly break the prism trying to get it out, such that I can't put it back together.


Leaving for Roatan in 1 1/2 weeks.