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In Topic: which of 3 strobes for cave diving, imaging for science

15 May 2018 - 04:41 AM

My first rig was a Ikelite Rig for a Nikon D90 and i had one DS125.

I bought it and could not use it for a couple of months, when i tried it first time strobe was dead.
After some emails with Ikelite it seemd that strobe lamp was dead and i had to ship it back on my expenses from Costa Rica to US and then repaired back to Roatan.
The whole shipping added about 300+ on the bill.... After the strobe was working fine, just very bulky and heavy plus you need a charger to charge the battery pack.

I switched to INON Z-240 and never looked back,
- perfect quality, some of my strobes have hundred of dives
- fiber optic cables, no corrosion, no expensive cables, you can buy bulk fiber optic cable and run long distance between camera and strobe,
- use normal AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries work just fine
- perfect automatic TTL working perfectly with every camera i had (d90/D7000/D800/Fuju E900/Canon G11/G12/GX1/Panasonic LX-100)
- you are able to remote trigger the strobes on a certain distance, you just need that the optic sensor is looking towards the camera with the main strobe,
this avoids that you have to run electric/optical cables all around the cave


In your case for cave lighting you may better use very strong video light as it makes positioning much more comfortable as you can place them much quicker

and this will avoid to stir up sediments while doing try and error to find the right position. Basically the same why you use fixed lights in studios.
Very wide and even spread video lights are the 8000 lumen Keldane, expensive beasts but worth every penny.

My buddy does UW video and has two of them and when we dive in the caverns they illuminate very well!


You can see some pictures shot with twin Z-240 on arms and without any planning, putting more effort on them lighting the pictures would be much better,
but i made them while diving with clients and that limits the time i can invest in finding the right strobe position.





In Topic: Lens/Port recommendation for D800

15 May 2018 - 04:22 AM

I use the Sigma 15mm EX DG on my D800 in a Hugyfot housing and using the Hugyfot minidome.
I prefer this setup for traveling and price reasons, as a 20+ dome is simply too bulky and expensive for my needs.

The 15mm EX DG will do reasonable sharp corners at f/9, above the corners are sharp.
Main problem with rectilinear lenses is that you need to keep the camera perfectly horizontal to avoid bent seabed or surface.
The big backdraw of WA zoom lenses is that they need either a very big dome to ba able to zoom without soft corners, or a smaller dome, but
you can use the zoom lens only on a certain with without soft corners.
The Nikkor 16-35 f/4 is (even not a pro lens) a extreme sharp lens but as Tim wrote, very picky with the dome, as bigger the better.

In your case i would try to contact SUBAL and explain your needs, they will help you with their experience regarding the right lens/dome combination for their housings.



In Topic: Post Processing Software Advice

06 May 2018 - 03:52 PM

I just was rading a article about the newly and after 6 years of development released GIMP 2.1.0
There is a lot of changes, including much faster engine, etc.
As it is free i think it's a good solution for doing stuff Lightroom is not enough but Photoshop is too expensive.


In Topic: Inon Z240 Battery Compartment... Watertight?

06 May 2018 - 06:10 AM

I also flooded one Z-240 as i was in hurry and the o-ring got pinched and dislodged while srewing on the cap.
To avoid that, lubrificate the yellow o-ring when you feel that he is sticky while screwing on the cap, use just minimum amount of grease and check seating every time you use the strobe!


I noticed the error under water when bubbles came out of the battery compartment, so when i came up, everything was black and corroded and i could not recover the strobe.
However , as far i remeber, there was no water inside the strobe, just the battery compartment was totally corroded.

If yours is working, then keep using it!


In Topic: Wide Angle Lens Recommendations

30 April 2018 - 04:15 AM

I understood that OP is looking for a rectilinear DX lens,
but his Sigma will be probably enough wide to fulfill his needs.

How much will the Sigma 15MM EX DG change when used on a DX camera? To be honest, never tried that.