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Aquatica gh4

15 December 2016 - 06:10 PM



I am looking to replace my old Sea & Sea MDX 50D DSLR setup (interesting in buying a used GH4 camera and an Aquatica or Subal housing). Do any of you have any experience with these housings? The Aquatica housings are significantly discounted at some online stores. In looking at various pictures on line, I don't really like the coarse look of the Aquatica housings. Even the buttons and port openings are coated with that paint. Does that seal without issues or hold over time? My Sea & Sea housing has taken a beating from shore diving but still looks pretty good with few scratches(no floods either). I'm also concerned about the latching system being plastic(?).


I also came across to this video on YouTube.



The Subal housings look better INMO(more polished/refined), but again I've never seen one up close so I can't tell.


Any suggestions/ideas would greatly be appreciated.