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In Topic: Nauticam HDMI Cables - Fragility

13 October 2018 - 05:55 PM

Will be following this thread as I have had multiple problems with my HDMI cables connecting my Nauticam GH5 housing to Nauticam Small HD 502...


Basically if has not worked since May, and I went back and forth with Nauticam for a couple months and am awaiting yet another cable to confirm what specific part / connection is the problem.


Have had nothing but problems with this set up. It is amazing when it actually works, but have spent more time without it working...


My first problem was user error, and the screw down for external cable must have loosened as there was a touch of moisture when I disassembled after a dive. I replaced all parts to be safe and +/- 20 dives later things started acting up.


Intermittent signal problems became almost no signal at all so ordered a new internal cable. That cable arrived the day I left on a week long dive trip and of course the signal was still intermittent...


There had been a 45 degree change in the plug orientation on the replacement bulkhead when installed which in my opinion caused extra strain on the cable or even the bulkead connection itself.


So after a week long trip with no working monitor and weeks of email communications I got tired of inaction and had my local Nauticam deal send the 2 cables and bullkead back for testing. Nauticam USA found that the older cable didn`t work, while the brand new one was OK. The bulkhead was giving intermittent signal and all parts send to Head Office for testing.


Tests came back fine on the bulkhead which I disputed as it didn`t work for me, and was intermittent for Nauticam USA. In the end due to time passed dealing with this they tried to say the bulkhead was beyond the warranty period but I disputed and they replaced the bulkhead, and offered 30% discount on a spare which I purchased for redundancy


I also tried to purchase a spare internal cable but they were OUT OF STOCK which makes me suspect there are more issues with these cables than we users are aware of...


Anyway, received the parts and of course things are not working. Have tried direct connect between the camera and monitor using full-size HDMI and all is good. I do not have mini-mini connections to try alternate cable routing to see where the fault is.


Now I have ordered a new external cable to ensure that isn`t the problem but the clock I ticking on 90 day HDMI cable warranty period...


Am overall unimpressed with how Nauticam has handled this, and disappointed they have not lived up to their reputation for quality products and service. This is my second Nauticam housing, 3rd when the monitor was added and I honestly expected better from them.


Fingers crossed the cable arrives this week so I can try to troubleshoot the issue.


Next stop is a HDMI cable distributer to see if there are alternate options for the internal cable. Besides the high price on the Nauticam one, the length and way it curves inside the housing causes bad kinking. Am hoping to find a 90 degree HDMI plug and shorter cable which would allow a straight line from bulkhead to 90 degree plug.


If I find a workable solution I will post part numbers.


At this point anything would be better than non-functioning Nauticam gear :-(


Sorry for the rant, but I did not spend thousands of dollars on a monitor system to get nickeled and dimed on faulty cables and poor service.






In Topic: Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens

31 August 2018 - 12:26 PM

A long time ago Inon made one of these but the optics were terrible not yielding any part of the image sharp. This version from Laowa looks to be far superior. I would be very interested in trying out this for wide angle macro video underwater. I will probably try and have a port built for it to fit a Nauticam. Do any of you have any thoughts on this.
Check out these links.


I have been reading about this lens and would be interested if it was compatible with my GH5 in Nauticam...

Perhaps metabones adaptor and Canon mount?

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In Topic: Panasonic 8-18mm, which dome?

28 August 2018 - 09:09 AM

I would invest in a 14-42MKII and wet lens performance is OK at f/5.6 and even f/4 in some situations
With a dome port below f/5.6 on a rectilinear lens there is little hope
Personally I would avoid domes for video altogether and focus on wetlenses on a flat port
For still images instead rectilinear lens is fine as you won’t be moving most of the soft corner issues deteriorate when you move around and things move whilst finning

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Would that be better with the 7” port?

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Thanks for the input

As I already had the Oly 12-40mm and dome set up for my EM5 it transitioned well to my GH5. Even at f2.8 for shooting dark scenes with off-camera lighting it performed well.

The Oly 7-14 not so much...

Adding a 8-18mm a much cheaper route than a new flat port, lens and WWL. Unless of course I start with WWL on my existing 12-50 in macro port...

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In Topic: Ikelite dome for freediving ?

28 August 2018 - 09:03 AM

I'm about to pull the trigger on an ikelite housing for my gh5, with a Leica 12-60 and Leica 8-18 (or the zuiko 7-14mm, I haven't made up my mind yet) with either the 8" DL DOME or the Compact 8" dome (6"x 2").
I will use this rig for scuba diving (from time to time) and mostly freediving but I fear the 8 inches dome will induce too much drag and add too much buoyancy...
So I'm considering the compact dome which according to ikelite produces the same image quality as their bigger dome, which I find a bit odd. 
Has anyone tried this compact dome compared to the 8" ?
I would'nt want to sacrifice too much sharpness for more handling comfort (and space).
Thanks for your help !

Here are my 2 cents, but as someone using a Nauticam housing not Ikelite the comments may not even be worth that much [emoji39]

I have the Oly 7-14 in Nauticam 8" glass dome and am extremely dissapointed with the corner sharpness below f7 or f8 on my GH5. I have a dive buddy with the same lens / dome combo on EM1 mk2 and he is happy with it for still photos...

Do your research, from what I hear the Panasonic 8-18mm has better corners, at least with thr Nauticam system...

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In Topic: Panasonic 8-18mm, which dome?

28 August 2018 - 07:38 AM

I have the 8-18 and it performs optically admirably with the Nauticam 8'' glass dome. There are a few niggles, however, that you may want to be aware of:
The Lens is too fat to fit through the porthole of the Nauticam GH5 housing. This means, every time you need to swap battery you need to do the following:
- Take dome off (but without the step-up adapter as the lens also does not fit through that one either...
- Remove lens from the camera
- Put sensor cap on to make sure no water is dropping on it
- Take camera out of the housing to swap battery
- do all the above steps again in reverse order...
This was becoming a true PITA for me during my last trip pretty quickly! In addition, I had hoped the 8-18 may be good enough on the far end to also replace my Pana 12-35, however, in many situations I found it is not.
This add's just another niggle:  The step-up adapters for the 8-18 and and the 12-35 are different for the 8'' dome. So ideally you'd have to take both with you. IMHO, all not very well thought out, but it may work for others...

Following with interest...

Slightly off topic, but has anyone used both the Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 Pro and the Panasonic 8-18mm on a GH5 for video?

I bought the Olympus based on past experience with other Oly lenses. What I hoped was good low light performance. The corners are garbage below f7 or 8 [emoji853] so the added benefit of f2.8 throughout the focal range was completely negated.

Looking for a wide angle lens option for a deep, dark & often murky low-light setting.



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