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In Topic: microbialites underwater

13 July 2018 - 06:56 AM

Hello Adam
Thanks for the interest and I didn't know that microbialites are such beautiful and interesting things.
I definitely have to go again
will be appreciated if you go and share your experiences here

I will definitely share video clips if I go.

In the meantime I saw this article this morning




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In Topic: microbialites underwater

06 July 2018 - 04:40 PM

Really cool,

Did not realize there were Microbiolites in Turkey.

I know of the ones in British Columbia, Canada about 4 -5 hours drive from me, and others in Chile. There was here a research group from NASA / SETI were studying them as a form of early earth life which could exist on other planets...

They even set up an Analog Mars Mission with communications trailer, time-delay on comms, divers as 'astronauts' submersibles as rovers, ROV & Autonomous Underwater Vehicles all conducting research on the lake as part of the project.


Looks like the website isnt managed now the project is finished as video and image links are broken.

This topic has given me incentive to go on a camping / dive trip to check them out



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In Topic: Oly OM system starting from scratch

25 June 2018 - 08:43 AM

I shot various Oly lenses on my EM5 mk 1 and now my Panasonic GH5 in Nauticam Housing using the Macro Port and 180mm dome.

As stated by others the 12-50mm is a good all-around lens. Good, not great image quality but the flexibility outweighs the minor image quality loss

60mm is a great macro lens

12-40 pro is awesome, not quite wide enough at times, but you can zoom in for medium to reasonably small stuff.

8 Pany fisheye was nice, but sold it to a friend as I didn't like the results with acrylic mini-dome. With my murky local waters the thickness of the dome would often catch the light from strobes (poor placement on my part?)

Recently got the Oly 7-14 Pro for videowork with the GH5 on some deep, dark glass sponge reefs. Had hoped the f2.8 would help gather light as it does with the 12-40 Pro.... Unfortunately with video the corners are garbage below f5.6 or 7. Not even useable if you are relatively close to the subject.

Corners may not be as bad with still images but I would not recommend spending the extra money on the Oly over the Panasonic unless others have had significantly better results.

Good luck with your decisions.



I shoot with the EM-II recently upgraded from the EM5-II.  I have the 60mm macro and recently added the Panasonic 30mm macro.  I shoot mainly in the temperate waters around Sydney and found the 60mm problematic, you had to back off too far for many subjects and when focusing out from a close subject it would tend to lock onto floaties instead of the subject, the 30mm does not seem to do that.  The EM-5 II would do that much more so than the EM1.   Of course in clear tropical waters it will be different and less of an issue.  You will probably want a focus light particularly with the 60mm..
On wide I shoot the 12-40 and Pany 7-14 in the same Zen 170mm type II dome.  If you study the port charts you'll see if you got the N-120 version of that dome it will allow you to shoot the 12-40, both 7-14 lenses and even the 8mm fisheye in the same dome, though you do need to source a custom 30mm N85-N120 adapter which I have seen mentioned in other threads on this forum.  this is theport chart for Zen: 
Again the choice of wide lens depends on what and where you are shooting, the ifsheye is especially challenging, but has its place for things like big animals and CFWA, definitely not a point and shoot lens.    In Sydney I tend to use the 12-40mm lens the most, due to water conditions.

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In Topic: Advice... wolf eels and giant octopus

17 May 2018 - 07:04 AM

Do not know the operations in Washington State but hear good things about Rendevous in Barkely Sound on west coast of Vancouver Island, and have greatly enjoyed my outings with Pacific Pro Dive in Campbell River.


If you enjoy your first trip and want to head somewhere a little more remote and wild I highly recommend Port Hardy area at the north end of Vancouver Island. It may take you an extra day of travel from the Seattle area but trust me, it is worth it.


Google Gods Pocket and you will see what I mean. The owners of the resort are retiring and they will not be accepting new bookings until the new owners get set up. Was there a couple weeks ago and while the underwater life was amazing, seeing multiple whales, dolpins, sea lions etc from the boat kept the short boat rides interesting. As did the rafts of sea otters, and the lone wolf we saw swimming between islands. 


Enjoy your hunt for Wolfies and GPO



In Topic: A few videos from a new Wetpixel member

08 April 2018 - 05:45 AM

Hi All! I just joined Wetpixel. My work is basically all film based... I keep trying digital but there's something about the process that's involved with film I can't give up. On top of that, most of my work is motion picture film... 16mm and more recently, 35mm. I process and print my own black and white motion picture film but I send off my colour to labs in Montreal.
Anyway, here's a couple of my little films, I hope you enjoy:

Reclaiming the Deep: Solving the Riddle of Nitrogen Narcosis

Chuuk: Adventure on the Thorfinn (my one digital video!)


Nice work Jesse,

Fun to see some Vancouver faces in your films.

I recall the call for participants on Facebook for your Dream video, and am not surprised seeing it was the 'usual suspects' who helped out.

Enjoyed them all.



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