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#162470 DX-1G TTL strobe control

Posted by -Willi- on 16 March 2008 - 08:59 AM in Photography Gear and Technique

I have a DX-1G and the YS120. I haven't tried them in water yet, but DS-TTL does seem to work reasonably well on dry land. Granted, some of the exposures aren't consistent, but it seems to cope well under a range of circumstances. The main problem it seems to have is with macros, when the camera is so close to the subject that little light from the flash is needed. This can lead to the strobe not firing. The solution is to ensure that ISO 80 is selected, or that the aperture is closed down. I'm looking forward to trying this out in Sharm, next week.


DX-1G is not capable of TTL as far as I know. The flash output is always the same....there is no way to change the intensity either automatically as TTL should or manually (except for the "soft flash" setting). As such, the strobe will always fire at that same intensity if you set it to TTL.

I would love to be proved wrong in this. TTL would be very welcome.

I went to the DPreview.com and read extensively on the ricoh forums. THe DX-1G is essentially a rebranded GX100. Even the hot shoe for an external flash has no TTL capabilities.