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Workflow Question.

10 August 2005 - 08:31 PM

I like to shoot my Nikon D-70 in Raw+Jpeg mode. I find the initial culling of bad images terribly slow.

When I load my images onto my computer (Mac not Windows) I separate the card into two directories - one holding the .jpg images and one holding the .nef files. I then use NikonVue on the .jpg files and check the ones that are worth keeping (IE not horrible). Then I move the un-checked files to trash. I have scripts that then filter out bad .nef files so I am left with 'reasonable' images to work with.

My problem is that the process to bring up the view, delete files, etc is SLOW. What I would really like is some fast way to view the file and decide if I want to delete it or not. If I decided to delete it I could quickly move it to trash.

Anybody have such a program? Any suggestions as to ways to make the initial filtering of images fast? Sitting for minutes to bring up thumbnails in nikon vue is killing me.