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E-PL1 and 110a DS-TTL out of sync

04 June 2012 - 11:53 PM

Being in a doubt what topic is more suitable for this post, decided to drop in here as a separate thread.
My question (=problem) is about 110a DS-TTL sync with PT-EP01 via optical cord.
And as far as I understand my problem is not unique and it is a "out of sync" problem. DS-TTL is not working.
Unlike a people who suffer the same issue, I can provide a diagram of light output of camera strobe and
Sea & Sea strobe. See attached.

graph on the up (of each image) is a S&S output TTL - slave full output, graph below E-PL1 strobe. Forced flash.
Unfortunately, here in Russia I have no official S&S support, so I cant use an official service. Suspect
some strobe malfunction, or E-PL1 is not compatible with 110a in fact.
Comments and/or advices, especially from Sea&Sea reps would be much appreciated.