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#389210 Shooting Experience - Oly 30mm vs. 60mm Macro Lenses

Posted by balexandrescu on 08 November 2017 - 04:29 PM

You need the shorter port otherwise the 30mm will focus inside the port glass at closest focus.  I'm thinking of a 30mm macro for similar reasons, I'd like to shoot weedy sea dragons and fish when on macro dives.  It's all about compromises, getting 1:1 subjects will be harder with 30mm as you need to be closer, but if you don't use the 1:1 magnification so much then it makes sense.   A zoom generally doesn't get you close enough for a lot of subjects like smaller nudis. 


I'm thinking I might try the panasonic 30mm macro, it's f2.8 rather than f3.5 and test reports show it's sharper.   Don't forget that the 60mm is equivalent to 120mm full frame, 60-90mm seems to the commonly used macro lens focal length for DSLR users.

Chris, do you know if any of these other shorter lenses work with wet lenses? Like the Inon wet lenses or the SubSee +5 or +10 Diopter? Because that could add a lot more functionality to these shorter macro options I would think. 

#389209 Shooting Experience - Oly 30mm vs. 60mm Macro Lenses

Posted by balexandrescu on 08 November 2017 - 04:25 PM

Oh yes, a very very interesting question. I think very few people have both lenses in order to compare. We have an upcoming trip to Lembeh in December and can report afterwards, but I think the Olympus lens deal expires before then. But anyway, they have lots of deals so it'll come around again. 

I have shot the Olympus 60 and I do love it. I even love the Nauticam CMC with it, though it's difficult to use at first. 

The question is that on this upcoming trip my wife wants something other than the 60, as we can just borrow a friend's port and 60 mm lens for her. But we would pretty much have the same images that way and face the same limitations. 
So I also am thinking of getting the Olympus 30, Panasonic 30 or the Panasonic 45. The latter 2 are f2.8....now the interesting thing is that I think all of them fit in the Nauticam 45 port. 
I could buy the cheap Olympus 30 or rent the Panasonic 30 or 45 from LensRentals. They have a deal now where you can get 2 week rental for the price of 1, which is really nice if you were going to try something out. 

Incidentally, I have heard great things about the Panasonic 30 from someone I follow on Flickr. Here's a link to some of his images. 


Anyway, I will report back later in December after I get back from Lembeh. Until then, let's see if other people have any experience with these other macro lenses.