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In Topic: Brand new Bruder/MediaSub Nikon D70 housing + Port

12 December 2005 - 07:58 AM

Mr Peterson,

I will not discuss concerning our many exchanges of emails.

But I will answer a question of a general nature:

A two years guarantee do not mean that the goods can be returned and refunded before this period if the housing do not pleased to you any more after 9 mouths.

A guarantee is valid for manufacturing defect. I think that we made a very great commercial gesture by replacing you the housing and moreover by a other one of a new series which will leave in January 2006.

Dominique Scherer

MediaSub International

In Topic: Brand new Bruder/MediaSub Nikon D70 housing + Port

09 December 2005 - 12:08 AM


I am not accustomed to intervening in forums. I estimate that a distributor should not appear there. But, I must restore the truth. Indeed, the customer had in his possession housing for D70 during 9 months.

At this date, he return us the housing by claiming that the camera does not function in the housing (after 9 months???) and of the defects of the matter in carbon fibre. We took again this housing and proposed to Mr Peterson, a new housing and, moreover, in its new version as soon as it will be on the market in January 2006.

You cannot, for example, return your car at the end of 9 months and to ask for its refunding even if you never used it.

I ask whether other companies would have made this kind of commercial dealing.

I tried this housing myself.

Moreover, we resold, of continuation, this housing to a customer, with a reduction well on, which is very happy with his purchase.

What do I have to think?

MediaSub International

Dominique Scherer